Mr. Rashid Abdulla

Mr. Rashid Abdulla has been associated with the IBL Group through his family ownership in the Group Companies. More than 50 years ago, he started his career in the Group as a part time Trainee while completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. He has since risen in the Group through various appointments of increasing responsibility and has held the position of CEO and Group M.D. for the last twenty years. Mr. Abdulla is one of the most senior and respected business professionals in the country and in addition to his active supervision of the Group companies; he is an avid sponsor of various philanthropic and charitable organizations.


Mr. Asad Abdulla

Asad Abdulla has been associated with the IBL Group since 2002 in various operating capacities. He is currently working in United Distributors Pakistan Limited (UDL) as Chief Executive Officer handling the agricultural products sales, marketing and distribution. Along with his responsibilities in UDL, he is also leading a Group-wide organizational transformation at International Brands Limited (holding company of UDL) as acting Chief Transformation Officer.

Asad is a Certified Director from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan and is serving as a Director on the Boards of; International Brands Limited, United Distributors Pakistan Limited, FMC United (Pvt.) Limited, The Searle Company Limited & United Brands Limited.

An entrepreneur at heart, Asad has a keen interest in Business Development and Technology and has served the Group well in creating partnerships with leading global brands in both the consumer and agriculture space as well as spearheading the Group’s entry into ecommerce and its allied services.

Asad completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Rochester, NY, as well as a Certificate of Management Sciences in Management Information Systems from the Simon School of Business Administration, NY.

Mr. Aslam Khaliq (Chairman):

Mr. Aslam Khaliq is presently serving as Chairman Reckitt Benckiser (Pakistan) Ltd. He was former Chairman of Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco Company.

He is also presently Chairman of The Hunar Foundation & CHAL Foundation (both Not for Profit NGO’s), besides being on the Board of Governors of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

He has served on the Boards of OGDCL, NADRA, Islamabad Stock Exchange and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Bio-Sciences (Pvt.) Ltd.

He has also served as member of the Board of Governors of Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, National Vocational and Training Commission, GOP, and Intellectual Property Organization, GOP.

Mr. Adnan Asdar Ali

Mr. Faisal Abdulla

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